Evening temperatures continue to get cooler and the days are getting shorter which means ice is beginning to form in the hills. High peaks are getting their first strokes of white while the valleys become vibrant in fall colors. Damn I love this time of year

septemberbeartooths-4 septemberbeartooths-5

“I have to challenge my own expectations to go beyond, into the unknown—the only place where real adventure can be found, as I see it. If you know the outcome of something, it will become dead. So we have to play with the unknown, in big and small things, to get freshness in our lives”

Andreas Fransson



Psyched for this big rig to come in. It would be a first ascent that will likely become a instant classic. I have had my eye on this for years and this year it seems like the optimal conditions might aline



Giving the tools a nice edge for their last possible outing before summer hits

Time to put a fresh edge on the tools


I will begin to step up the blog posts much more frequently. In fact this week my goal is a post every day!