The first snow in the mountains always gets me all hot and heavy to get out and begin the ice season. Every year I feel like the ice should form sooner then the last year and I seem to always forget the numerous days I spent taking the tools for hike the year prior as well. Its a weird virus that all ice climbers seem to be affected by in the month of September.

Pilot peak in the background with the early season ice climb “Funeral For A Friend” located in the central chimney system in the foreground.

Thankfully I have a friend that is an incredible pilot and this has dramatically shortened my amount of pointless hiking in the mountains.

Taking off out of Cody it seems like there is no way there will be ice but as you gain higher altitude my hopes begin to grow.

Looking over Cody up the North Fork through the Canyon

Looking over Cody up the South Fork towards Carter Mountain where the early ice usually forms in the Cody area.

Flying across the mountains has got to be on of the worst things for having a job. So much to explore and so little time, but you just have to make the most of it and flying makes that situation a whole lot easier.

The next 2 minutes after this shot was taken were the most intense minutes in an aircraft I have ever been a part of. The winds came out of nowhere and we lost 100 feet of air and the fight to stay in the air was on. We tucked tail and headed for the flat lands which really sucked but we survived to fly another day.

Clarks Fork Canyon

Although its early the ice hunting season has begun !