Crandall is one of my favorite local runs, 45 min and your there in the Clarks Fork valley with numerous runs to choose from. This run was once thought to be full of wood and nobody really ventured into the granite carved canyon very often. In the last few years it has started to become a recognized creek that offers drops carved right out of the granite walls. You wont find many boulders in this run and it gives the feel of a big river!

Tom fighting the hole in the Coin Slot!

Scratching at the walls in the coin slot was highly recommended at this high flow. The drop ran easier from the top then usual because the slot was backing up the river, but the slot was meaty. Tom left his paddle in the slot soon after this photo!

I was set on this drop running ugly, but it ran well

Tom entering the Taco!

I love this drop, this is the entrance to Olleys. 3 of the biggest drops on Crandall come right after this but Olleys is the longest .

If your in the area you really cant miss this run!

Look for flows on the Clarks Fork GAUGE between 700- 4000+