It was a super cold day and Tanner Callender, Kelly Dedel, Christina Grey and myself wanted a short approach with some good climbing. We got the good climbing but I would consider the hike to horsetail a short one. Its funny when I haven’t been to a climb in awhile and somehow forget how the bad the hike is. I remember everything in detail when i’m in the mountains but somehow the hike always seems to be forgotten. I think this is my minds way to convince partners to join me and I can honestly say the hike was short or that I dont remember how far it is.

Stevo starting up the rarely formed “Do You Want It”

As we got to the base we noticed a line to the right of Horsetail named “Do You Want It”. This rarely formed route has been climbed perhaps a hand full of times and was first completed by Steve House and Bill Belcourt in the late 90’s. We were pretty psyched and Stevo was up for the lead.

Stevo enjoying the chimney

The climbing was incredibly good and alpine like. A very thin runnel for 100 feet with very little gear but pretty positive climbing made this one of my favorite pitches of the season.

Tanner checkin out the Horsetail

Another good day in the south fork

Gorgeous women always make the climbing better !