Im continuing to catch up from last years TR’s and there are some great ones to come but here is a short and sweet one.

As soon as the first snow hits the hills every ice climber in the Rocky Mountains begins to hunger for the first taste of ice. We head into our secret shaded chimneys and elusive north faces with only one thought on our mind. Eventually after hiking or driving numerous miles we all get that day to sink our tools for the first time in the season. This time Kevin and Stevo made their trip to Cody to join Kelly and I on a hike in to my secret spot in the hills that provides ice from October to July!

Hiking into Skirmish and Coldwar you will be rewarded with climbing ice before anyone else and some incredible views.

Kevin Craig psyched to throw tools for the first time in the epic season to come.

Napping and climbing ice all in the same day…gotta love climbing in the valley.

Ice climbing in October at its best and a Mulkey hike pays off for the crew. Skirmish on the right and Cold War on the left

Stephen Berwanger (stevo) always smiling when on ice !

Kevin Craig feeling solid after a few months off the ice

Kelly enjoying her first time ice climbing after I gave her a very intense 1 minute lesson ha !

Kelly taking in her last glimpse of her first ice climbing adventure.

Kevin Craig enjoying the views of the valley after some early ice season climbing. This view is why climbing here is like no other place.

Incredible sunset on the way out to cap off a great day of climbing with good friends

Watch the video below about the trip.