About the first of March the spring paddling itch started and since it was still very cold and wintery here Cody, Wyoming it was looking like my only hope of finding water was hitting the road. With so much talk on the buzz about Arizona and looking at photos of Christopher Creek in the New Testament it was hard to think of anything else but that run.

Jen showing the boys how its done!

Gary Edgeworth and I met up in SLC and loaded boats and gear and hit the road. Another person was going to meet us and that ended up not working out at the last minute so we called Durango Bettie Jen Ross. It was 9 pm Thursday night and Gary told her to pack her S— and get on the road. I remember telling Gary there is no way she is going to get on the road with less then 24hr notice and meet us in Arizona, but Gary was confident she would rally. Jen replied see you tommorow night! We were set now!

Gary and I rolled into Payson Arizona around noon the next day and checked the levels on Christopher Creek. They Looked low but boatable and we did drive all the way from Wyoming to get on it. The canyon looked incredible just pool and drop at its best.

We figured Jen would roll in around 5 so we had time to get in a creek near by. Gary and I have agreed after hiking and running this creek we will no longer talk about it. All I have to say is 40cfs is not fun!

Jen rolled into town and we had a big fat mexi dinner and many spirits that lasted well into the night. The next morning we woke around 10 (yikes) and put on around noon for a spectacular run.

Jen Ross on one of the first drops entering the gorge

Aaron Mulkey on one of the tricky drops.

This drop has a bad ledge that sticks out forcing you to make a mandatory BOOF.

Gary melting it

Jen on the triple drop

You did not want to screw this one up, Jen doing it with style

Gary fighting it, he may have bought ice scream on this one!

This was the entrance to a sick drop that im not sure how often gets run, Gary showed the line well. Its a 8 footer into a tight room that immediately pours down another narrow slot that leaves room for one paddle stroke that must be timed right to allow for a boof.

Jen in style

what a great run!

This was the mandatory 30 plus footer that had the worst entrance I have ever seen to a waterfall, my shoulder is still feeling this one. We all fired it with good lines!

Yes Jen Ross can Boof!!!!!

Gary Kung Fu Fighting!

Note to Gary: When cute girl forgets elbow pads and asks to use yours…….. Say No.

This is just a classic shot after finishing the run and hitting the confluence with the Tonto this is the last drop you encounter and surprisingly the paddle stayed and luckily Gary was above to get it otherwise it would have been a long hand paddle out for Jen. She did manage to stay upright tho.

Props to the crew Gary Edgeworth and Jen Ross we had a good crew and great lines all day and Jen was able to get the first female descent of the run which is very proud!

I cant wait to get back to this run again………..slides, waterfalls, big drops Oh MY