The landscape becomes one dimensional as I rise to 16,000 feet and the vast playground below me suddenly feels like  a small dot on a giant map with terrain to explore for a lifetime. There is only one way to see the country below and the energy and motivation I feel right now in my life is at an all time high and life just keeps serving up opportunities.

Nice New Sterling Ropes for the trip !


My destination is an island in Norway and after nearly 30 hours of travel Tanner Callender, Stephen Berwanger and myself will set foot in the country fueled to explore and get immersed in the unknown.  We will spend the next 17 days traveling via boat, kayak,  skis and by foot looking for big Norwegian stouts.

Norway goodness !


Plenty of Grivel screws ready to go

I have to thank all of my sponsors who truly made this trip happen . Sponsors have become more like my partners; guiding and fueling my energy  to follow my dreams and the path less traveled. Many of my sponsors are like family to me and they push me to follow my own route and not some sport climb of life.  Rab, Sterling Ropes, Grivel, Cilogear, Scarpa, Sweet Protection, and Connie at the Alpine training Center are all incredible companies and people that believe in my passion.


The chosen weapons for Norway !

Last night in my hometown of Cody, Wyoming was my last planned slide show of the season and I walked away with too much Whiskey (thanks to Joel Anderson) but more then anything I came away stoked to get out and get after it. The motivation and energy in the room was at an all time high which I believe brings out the best in all of us. We all push each other in our own ways no matter what ability level you posess, we feed of the success and achievements of others.


Packed and ready to go at the airport

Surround yourself by motivated enthusiastic people who are not afraid to fail and you will prevail no matter what your obstacles are. Friends in my life keep my tank full of energy and motivation. My amazing Fiancé is obviously my better half and her support and understanding of my passion is a shared vision that very few relationships view together.  I truly believe it’s the friends in my life that have gotten me where I am today and for that I am forever grateful.


Joel a few whiskey and cokes ahead of me

Two days ago Chris Guyer and myself completed all 6 pitches of Broken Hearts car to car in 3 hours and 10 minutes which truly kicks of the this trip of a lifetime to Norway. That ascents energy is just what I needed to jump start this bad ass trip to explore !

Chris Guyer and I psyched after a car to car time on Broken Hearts. All 6 pitches in 3:10

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