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Many people have heard the amazing story of my friend Echo Oak’s ice climbing accident in the South Fork Valley on January 15. After falling over 200 feet and then surviving a night outside, in freezing temperatures, without shelter, Echo is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. However, her medical bills are bound to be bigger than the fall she took and the road to recovery is long.

The world class South Fork Valley located outside Cody, Wy is well known for its difficult approaches and steep unrelenting pitches of incredible ice climbing. In an effort to raise money for Echo Oaks recovery Doug Shepherd and Aaron Mulkey propose the unimaginable. They will climb as many pitches/routes as possible in 24 hours starting Saturday February 19th at noon until February 20 at noon. Climbing through the night the two will accomplish an amazing physical and mental conquest. Please come to the South Fork Ice Festival to support the conquest and cheer them on as they set out to climb for 24 hours in one of North Americas toughest climbing areas. If your not able to make the event please see below for other ways to support the Fundrasing Event.

There will be three ways to support their efforts to raise money for Echos Recovery Fund.

1. Sponsor each pitch they climb with a dollar amount. Such as 10 dollars for every pitch they climb during the 24 hour period. You can either do this friday night of the festival or email me your per pitch sponsor at coldfearwy(@)gmail.com. When the event is over we will send an email to you with our total pitch count and you can cut a check for our efforts to be given to the Echo Oak Recovery Fund.

2. Attend the South Fork Ice Festival on Saturday night and bid on your predicted number of pitches they will complete during the 24 hour period. These numbers will be auctioned off during a Calcutta style auction. For all of you gamblers you will like this, A certain amount of numbers will be auctioned off (such as 10-30). The number you bid on will be the maximum amount of pitches you think Doug and Aaron will complete in 24 hours. The highest bidder wins the number. All money received from the auctioning of numbers will be put into a pot and if your number matches the maximum number of pitches they complete in the 24 hours then you win 25% of the pot and the rest goes to the Echo Oak Recovery Fund. Make Sense ? We will go over the details at the Festival.

3. You can simply send a donation to support them raising money with a check made out to ” Echo Oak Recovery Fund” and mail to 16 rock street Cody, Wy 82414

All Proceeds Will Go To The Echo Oak Recovery Fund

There will more information and opportunities available to support the fundraising event during the South Fork Ice Festival February 18-21. Special Thanks to Cilogear, Black Diamond and Rab for supporting the event and providing some gear to raise money.


One Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to commend you guys on your efforts to support my big sister. I as well as those who know her know she is well worth it. Good luck and be safe.
    By the way those of you who have some down time between pitches are invited to come to the Echo Oak Recovery Cut-A-Thon at her salon on Saturday the 19th.

    Will Oak