Randy comes into the shop after camping up on Cedar Mountain to avoid his parents and paddle the night before since he’s not allowed to paddle friday nights and says he thinks he found a new wave. I will give you a little background on Randy, he is 18 and started paddling 2 years ago and became obsessed with paddling. He can only think of paddling most of the day and is on the verge of living out of his car to simply paddle. Its honestly great to see the passion this kid has for kayaking.

So he tells me he saw this wave in the canal and I remember seeing this white spec high on the mountain long ago but never thought much about it. I told him to go check it out thinking there is no way that thing will be any good and access looked like crap.

He comes back with a little video on his phone and says I FOUND IT!!!!!!

We load boats on the van and escape the shop all guides in tow and head to play in the ditch!

Cody now has a feature that can help produce some play boaters!