My buddy Dave Benkley has been after me for the past 2 years to come and run Big Timber Creek but it seems like the timing is always bad and things just don’t seem to workout but, this year things were different.

I was feeling super good so far this year other then the one Box Elder mishap and had it in my mind if I was going to go to Big TImber I was going to run everything including the falls. So I knew when the day was up on the main run I still had one big one to get done.

When I travel in the Summer time its still work as usual until the put in!

So the hike is not that bad, but lets be honest, hiking with a boat sucks.

Tyson Bednarz my General Manager and Tom Sunderland my raft guide, kayak guide/teacher, Climbing instructor and any thing else I can rope him into guy also joined the crew. Tyson came to shoot video which will be up soon and should be really good. Tom was coming to run the biggest creek of his career and had no idea what I was dragging him into. haha

On the hike up things were looking good and the level was looking even sweeter

Upper Big T falls

Not sure the name of this drop, Dave said he had cleaned it out the week before and wasnt sure how much it gets run. I looked at it for awhile and decided it would go and it ran pretty well but looked like things could have gotten bad quickly.

All I have to say is this drop was fun and a great warm up for the drops below, nothing like launching your body down a huge slide with a mandatory boof right off the get go!

The Pinch from below, Tom said he took a picture of someone! ha

I turned around for Tom’s camera shot, my mom always said look straight at the camera!

The Gambler went well for me. It was a good day for gambling for myself. Notice the stick for plucking people out of the evil hole. I will say this was one of the harder hits of the day for me.

When the day was done I knew this was the drop that was on my mind. It was super warm out and the water was rising the entire time we were on it. In fact, when we ran the Pinch the water at the end shot you right up on the wall at the end.

The falls ran great in fact despite the warnings I got from people that the hit at the bottom was pretty soft, but I’m sure that had something to do with the higher water flow.

It was a great run and I would say the flows all day were great!

Be sure to stay tuned in for a bunch more updates and the Big T video!

Thanks to Tyson and Tom for the photos,