The training continues and staying focused remains the goal. I will begin sharing more training pieces written by Connie at The Alpine Training Center on a weekly basis.

Warmup 10 minutes of 10x goblet squat + 10x KB swings @20kg…don’t put KB down, rest as needed, must hold w/ 2 hands at all times – even during rest.



6 rounds

Barbell complex w/ pushup chaser 85# (Dead Lift, Row, Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat)

5x K2E on tools

10x pullups on tools

20x plank kicks ea side

30 sec slasher halo 12kg

40x alternating DB bench press 30-35#DBs

50x stepups AFAP

60 sec FLR

60 sec mobility of choice


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  • Bryson Lane says:

    Wow! finally tried this workout with a few buddies at my fire station, fantastic, except I can hardly walk I am so sore, and I think that is from the warm-up portion!
    Awesome site you have here, thanks for all the info, inspiration, and entertainment.
    I live on an island in puget sound over here in Washington, so I don’t get to climb the ice to much, BUT i do have a group of ten guys coming to cody in January instead of going to Banff for our annual ice excursion. We are all super excited, and your exploits of getting after it are fueling the STOKe! thanks