Here is a quick update on some housekeeping things here at coldfear

Aaron Mulkey on the first ascent of Counterfeit Girl
Photo By: Joel Anderson

1. Conditons Page

Its coming and will be up by the end of the week and below is a quick update

Climbs that are in:
High On Boulder
Duck Soup
Festering Ice
Main Vein
Hunter Creek Pillar
Animal rights
Mean green- all pitches

These are climbs that are in fat and worth coming for as of Sunday. The valley is way behind in forming ice on the South facing side but the snow and cold weather today and the forecast for the coming week looks great.

Here are a few climbs that will probably be close by the weekend.
Ice Fest
Broken Hearts

2. Joel and I got in a possible first ascent over the weekend and I will get an update for everyone on that soon. Nothing big but
really fun.

3. The Photo Hold’em is a go and I will have the contestants up this week and new photo submission dates posted with that as