Day One– Icepalooza

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Day 1

Strokes of ice were painted across the valley walls as if an artist had created this icee wonderland. Discovering one of the most remote ice climbing destinations in the United States was going to be a grand adventure for the entire group.


The word brings different thoughts to everyones mind and we all value its importance at numerous levels. All of us left our home towns with different aspirations and goals for this journey and I believe we all left with a renewed sense of almost being baptized in the true faith of climbing.

With horses packing in all of our gear we held nothing back and loaded the horses to live well and eat well in the backcountry.

Even the Mules appreciated the super light Cilogear packs!

Only 8 miles to go leaving one incredibly gorgeous valley for another

Honestly he wanted to carry my pack

I planned on getting a little extra reach on some of the new climbs and chopping wood!

Like I said we held nothing back and the wood stove was worth its weight in gold. its amazing what these mules can carry with ease…..I need to get a mule or at least more partners ha

Lee Livingston was a our trusted outfitter that truly made this trip happen.

Steaks for dinner

Dawn enjoying her Mikes Hard lemonade after a nice hike into camp….life is ruff for her

Dawn and I took a short hike before dark up the valley to see what treasures awaited us in the valley and we counted 12 new routes just within 30 minutes from camp. Day 2 was going to be a great day!