Well im still keeping the couch warm these days but some of the Wolf Pack came to town to make some kills and I was able to get out and shoot some photos of the action. Desperate for Loving is the name of the climb so dont worry if you thought this TR was about my love life you are mistaken. My life is more like Desperate To Climb these days but my day is coming soon and the training is keeping me focused. I will have some more big post coming soon but wanted to keep the posts coming.

Kelly Dedel and Stephen Berwanger heading into one of the closes approaches in the valley “Desperate For Loving”

A gorgeous day in the valley!

Desperate For Loving is a great route that always seems to take on its leaders with a great mental challenge. Its a bit mixed with some great movement all the way up. I highly recommend this route if your in town and its in.

Stringer and Slow Turning hiding out in the morning shade

Stephen Berwanger “Stevo” Heading up the first pitch

Stevo glad to be out of the cave… I think ha

The Route

Stevo glad to be back in the South Fork no doubt

Stevo playing hookey in the CAVE

Kelly enjoying the second pitch. I love this picture of the desert like landscape climbing

My lovely and talented lady Kelly Dedel picking her way up her first real route. For only climbing about 10 pitches of ice ever she did an incredible job.

Those Greenies just cant get enough of Wyoming ICE!


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  • Sofia Every says:

    I love this post. Heading there for the first time to climb in March, can't wait. Have been doing the butterfly exercise when I go to the gym, it's great, thanks for posting!