Exciting Partnership

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Im excited to announce my partnership with Rab !

I have been using there gear for the last 6 months in some of the harshest environments while ice climbing and kayaking and I have walked away from each adventure happy that I had chosen there gear for the trip. I was a little concerned when the feather weight jackets and pants arrived but they have proven themselves in many different climates and terrain. The clothing and sleeping bags are some of the lightest and most weight efficient gear I have ever used.

Beartooths Love….

Deep in the heart of the wind rivers

Im happy to say that I gave Rab’s gear a very hard test drive before deciding to partner with them. Multiple days of ice climbing in one of the most remote destination in the U.S. to sleeping in nothing but my jacket and pants deep in one of Arizona’s most remarkable whitewater chasms, the Rab name proved itself warm and efficient.

Rab is obviously a big name in the UK but there presence is surely going to consume the American market with the incredible product they are representing.

Just happy to see ice and be warm

warm but wishing we could see something….

I look forward to the future and appreciate Rab for there support for what I love to do !