Family Time in the South Fork Valley

“Family Time.” I know these two words are usually associated with a quick “Ugh….argh,” for most people, but for me, family time has a much different meaning. I have two incredible kids who amaze me every day and I’m constantly intrigued by the young people they are becoming. My girlfriend, Kelly, is an angel and I couldn’t imagine a better woman to share my life with.

My kids live a different life than most of their friends. A weekend of climbing or kayaking is not normal for most kids, but in our family, that’s what I call quality family time.

The mountains have made me who I am and I can only hope my kids form a lifetime relationship with the mountains and the various activities they can pursue within the ranges.

Ensuring that my kids appreciate the outdoors more than the indoors will be key for them to have healthy lives when they grow up. Too many kids never have a chance to appreciate what the mountains can provide and grow up only knowing TV or a nintendo as their source of entertainment. My activities in the mountains have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life and have also been the source of the greatest happiness.

Esra Throwing down

Afton enjoying one of her numerous trips down the river


My incredible family

As a parent, I have a hand in shaping my kids’ futures. Instilling values and creating experiences for them is a parents responsibility.

They say memories last a lifetime and I can only hope my kids share the memories of their adventures with me with their own children some day. Mulkey Missions to be shared across generations!

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