Feather In The Hat

By January 14, 2010 One Comment

I knew it was a good day…..

No Doubt……One of my favorite climbs ever and I feel lucky to have been able to climb one of Alex Lowes and Stan Prices South Fork Testpieces. Im not sure if anyone has ever repeated it as it comes in every few years and when it does its hands down one of the proudest lines in the valley.

After dropping my tool…..ugh first time ever although I was lucky that I was on a shelf and able to pose while my belayer Joel Anderson took photos and got me my lucky tool back!

It was an incredible climb that delivered different challenges of mixed climbing and pure ice climbing. I thought it was all over when I got to the base of the pillar and figured I had it bagged but found the pillar was horribly fragile and ended up climbing the backside in order to get good placements and protection. The mixed climbing felt like M6 and provided great gear placements.

Joel Anderson rope gunning me up the 2nd pitch

A great day in the mountains and thankful to have Mr. Anderson along with me for the adventure!


One Comment

  • Priceonice says:

    Other than the start, the ice looked in the same shape as when Alex and I climbed it. It has been repeated at least two times that I know of.

    About 8 or 9 years ago, I climbed it with Jim Krudener and Aran McCartney. Aran led it and I followed on the rock crack just right for 30 feet or so before hooking the ice.