Driving to the ice im reminded how much I enjoy this time of year, cold in the high country and nice in the valleys

Every fall all ice climbers begin to get jittery and anxious in anticapation of the season to come. We get one day of 30 degree weather and we all begin to wonder if ice is forming in the mountains. We frantically search for our guidebook and scope the pages for ice that comes in the earliest thinking, “maybe last year when I searched I missed something…” We then begin calling friends in other places (I think Im this friend to many people) asking if its cold ….”do you think theres ice?”. The great part is we repeat this every year like the wind that brings in the cold front or first snow, we begin to salivate over the season to come and its only September!

Little thin on the not so classic “Curtains” 10 min approach and climbing in October doesnt get better….

October 17th was my day this year and its the earliest that I can remember swinging tools. Kenny Gasch and myself enjoyed the warm weather and thin ice. Each season switching from kayaking to ice climbing I always wonder if my passion and drive will still be there. Fortunately the passion for Ice Climbing remains a constant for me in my life and in my world right now anything constant is great. For me – my kids, climbing and kayaking are my passions and loves in life. After being married for over 6 years and now single I feel like climbing and kayaking are the safest relationships for me for many reasons….

1. They are constantly giving
2. There are no expectations
3. They dont complain if you show up late..scratch that…they never complain.
4. They are always satisfying
5. They dont cheat on you
6. Sometimes they hurt you or work you over but you enjoy it and brag about it to your friends

Dont get me wrong I enjoyed marriage for the most part and my x-wife was a big influence in my life but not sure im willing to deal with that pain again.

Carter Mountain Ice Climbing Area

Back to the original post, getting out today reminded me how much I love ice climbing and cant wait for the season to come and I hope all of you are as psyched as I am. The South Fork Valley looks good- lots of water on climbs and Moratorium was already touching down believe it or not, although with the warm temps over the weekend im sure thats gone. Keep training for the season to come its almost here!

A good morning of ice climbing and ready to go rock climbing in the afternoon….



  • John says:

    Moratorium already! Hell yes! Man I hope this year is as good as last year!

    Thanks for the updates Aaron!

  • Bryan Feinstein says:

    I am extremely jealous right now…I might just have to make the move from Jackson to Cody this Winter!