The days were still cool and there wasnt much water around other then the local ditch so a couple weeks ago Jake Skeen, Ed Conning and Myself got out for a quick low water run down the gorgeous Clarks Fork Canyon.

As we hiked up the road we were hoping to catch a ride from an atv or truck and we happened to get a ride from both! These guys were great they eventually unloaded their atvs and had there kids ride them up the road, while we and our boats all got a ride in the truck.

Dont ever let this guy fool you and be sure not to follow his lines!

Such a great place and I cant wait for the fall season to get on some of these big walls

Jake steering clear of Mikes Hotel……

Ed getting in Kayaking Epee form,
The rock is bad and is the reason its called Mikes hotel, im not sure who mike is but I know others who have visited the hotel and it looks bad.

The water was low but it was a good day!

Ed is always smiling even when your getting butt handed to you in a hole!