Mulkey on the Rocks

By January 4, 2011 One Comment

Spent 5 days in Ouray scratching, falling, hooking, flailing and being incredibly cold and only touched one piece of ice. I know your asking why and how?

Me wondering if fruit boots would make this any easier

Well I recently got an invite to compete at the Ouray Ice Festival and as many of you know I spend most of my time on ice so I knew I needed to get to Ouray and spend some time on the rock.

Unfortunately the weather did not work with us as the day time temps were rarely in the double digits. Local hardman and women Patrick Ormond and Dawn Glanc took me to some of the local cragin spots. Needles to say climbing overhanging rock in down jackets was not the most exciting part of the trip.

Kevin Craig enduring the conditions…
The first day I got there it snowed a ton so we spent a small part of the day on ice.

Dawn Glanc climbing the Industrial Cave

Dawn Glanc climbing while the rest of us huddle around a fire to keep warm. This day was more about suffering then climbing but the good ol Wyoming fire sure helped.

The good town of Ouray, Colorado

Dawn Glanc showing me how its done

Me airin out in the cave. Dawn told me I need to use my feet better! ha

By the end of the trip I felt better about taking falls with sharp objects (not sure this is good) and managed to NOT get my feet in any fruit boots. Wish me luck this coming weekend and I appreciate everyones support and motivation.


One Comment

  • Kevin Craig says:

    Great photos and great hanging out with you guys! Best of luck in the comp! As Stevo would say: “give 'er!” Show 'em how it's done Cowboy style! :^)