Paper Romance

By September 3, 2010 No Comments

Stumbling through maps and google earth sometimes you find that One.

The One keeps you up at night with visions of bedrock granite, waterfalls, tight gorges and gorgeous women on the banks cheering your name as your runnin the shit…

Unfortunately not all of these things come true and on some missions none of them come true. This spring we decided to check out a creek that I have been romancing over for a few years. On paper it had steep gradient ,deep canyon walls and best of all a short hike. In April I talked Matt Mcfadden and Randy Binder into scouting the gorge with me before spring flows began filling the banks. What we found was a steep unrelenting creek with a little bit of everything!

A drop on Shell creek on the way over the mountain…Better Boof!

Just a few pics of the canyon we scouted. It appeared to be nonstop action through most of the creek.

Getting steeper

You gotta click on this one for a bigger picture to read the sign.

Not sure this access made sense…

A cold night of camping on the ground and we woke up to snow showers.

What we found was surely going to be a classic run. Stay tunes in for part 2 !

The Romance pays off!