The Assassin

By February 21, 2010 One Comment

Hillary Eisen told me she had found some big chunk of ice and wanted to go climb it, needless to say I was a bit skeptical. Hillary told Kevin Craig and myself it was not that far and only a half hour to the ice…..

An hour and a half later we reached the first pitch……..

Obviously Hillary had been climbing with me long enough to know that if you want someone go with you on a mission you must always take an hour off the approach and give the perception that the approach is easy.

For some reason I wasnt thinking and realized I was going to unknowingly make this climb even more interesting by only bringing 6 ice screws for nearly a 200 foot climb and I needed at least 2 for an anchor at the top!

The Assassin ended up being a very enjoyable climb and another possible FA!


One Comment