As many of you have noticed the old Coldfear homepage is gone, but never fear change is a good thing…

Im working on bringing all of the old pages back especially the conditions page but they will all link off of this page so the front page of Coldfear is always fresh and new. As for right now the only ice to be found is on Carter Mountain and when the valley has ice I will let everyone know and the condition page will be back up by then anyway!

The Bad News
Bison Willys Bunkhouse in the South Fork Valley is no more, and its era has past. Kenny Gasch has tried hard to keep the lodging presence for ice climbers in the valley but with new owners of the DDX wanting more money and no promise of running water Kenny has decided it can not be operated any longer. Its a bad deal and I know Kenny will continue to look into other avenues to house ice climbers in the valley but for now staying in town is your only option.

Photo Hold’em
Im going to announce the ice climbing Photo Hold’em next week so stay tuned for that, it will be fun and get everyone excited for the season to come!

Its getting cold finally and the ice is forming slowly but surely. Start sharpening the tools and keep training for steep ice and long approaches….ha