Climber Killed In Avalanche

By January 5, 2009 No Comments

This past friday January 2nd a great climber and friend was killed in an avalanche on Main Vein. An avalanche broke loose from high above the route and ran down the route like a freight train with no warning. His partner was luckily not taken and was able to escape back to the valley and phone for help. We were able to get him off the mountain on Saturday and I will have more info as I put it together. Everybody that is planning a trip to the valley should be aware the avalanche danger is very high right now and there is more snow in the valley then I have seen in 10 years. Most routes do not have avalanche danger but be aware of the ones that do such as Main Vein, High On Boulder, Grandmas Chicken, Smoked Turkey, The Mile Of Ice and Wyoming Wave. These are just a few, the major concern is the slopes that loom above the routes. I should have my Mac back this week and can get everybody and the site updated.